Huge Wads Of Money From Websites That Work
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Basically The Worse Things Get...
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Dear Affiliate Marketer,

I’ve been involved with direct market for more than thirty years. In fact, I’ve worked with some of the biggest names in direct response and was copywriting legend Gary Halbert’s business partner for the last 10 years of his life. Yep, Gary and I hit some home runs and in a few cases literally knocked the ball out of the park.

But it wasn’t until the economic crisis began in 2007 that I found a vein of pure gold. As the world economy came to a screeching halt and the credit markets shut down, I stumbled upon the most successful formula of my 30 plus in direct marketing, and this is your lucky day, because I’m about to share with you exactly what that secret is.

I Found A Market of Desperate, Motivated Consumers
Who Know The Problem And Want The Solution... Now!

For years there have been contrarian writers, authors and consumers who thought the extraordinary affluence and income growth of the last generation was about to come to an end. Some of these folks have incorporated their opinions of the economic situation into their religious beliefs and are preparing for apocalyptic days ahead.

As the world economy has come crashing down around us in the last two years, millions of consumers have begun evaluating their lives and planning for tough times ahead. Millions more have already experienced some crisis in their lives and are intensely motivated to prepare for or avoid altogether a repeat of last fall’s meltdown. The contrarian prophecies have come true…to a degree no one realized possible.

This once-in-a-lifetime event has generated a huge, but highly focused niche marketing opportunity within the emergency preparedness and ‘survivalist’ markets, and since the first warning signs appeared, I’ve been honing in this niche with laser-like focus.

A Recession (Or Even A Depression)Is Just Like
Every Other Economy- People Have Needs That Must Be Met

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want things to go badly for anyone…if I thought there was going to be a gold rush in my hometown I’d set up shop and start selling picks, axes and all the other gear that gold seekers would need. Unfortunately, the circumstances today are very different, and the needs of consumers are different. (You might want to reread the last sentence a few times.)

For years a tiny group of consumers have been moving out into rural areas and preparing ‘safe houses’ and ‘retreats’ to flee to in the event of a catastrophe which is often referred to as TEOTWAWKI, an acronym for The End of the World as We Know It.

Emergency Planning Isn’t Just For Conspiracy Theorists
And Religious Nut Cases Any More!

Real world events have brought the same kind of emergency planning and survival preparation into focus. In 2003, a software glitch at a plant in Ohio led to a near-total blackout of the Northeast, leaving tens of millions of people without electricity.

When Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast in 2005, millions of people were affected, and the world saw how life in a ‘civilized’ society could crumble over night. Not only were many without food, water and electricity, but riots and looting dominated the headlines.

As recently as the summer of 2009, millions of people in Brazil were left in the dark when heavy rains disabled a few power lines, overloading backup circuits and leading to a domino collapse. Headlines about the antiquated and fragile state of our electrical infrastructure here in the US don’t do much to reassure consumers that similar blackouts aren’t possible closer to home.

My company, Solutions from Science, has painstakingly researched this niche and scoured the global market for solutions to a wide array of problems... problems that won’t go away any time soon.

Every Product I’ve Chosen Has A Huge
Built-In Market Of Highly Motivated Buyers

For example, our entire economy runs on the ‘just in time’ inventory system which keeps prices low, food supplies fresh and shelves stocked…most of the time. However, when there is any disruption in the supply chain, grocery stores run out of food quickly. In fact, most stores only have enough inventory for three days of sales.

In the event of a natural disaster, terrorist attack or widespread labor strike, food supplies could be instantly crippled, and millions of Americans fear just such a possibility. Millions of additional consumers want to go organic or grow their own garden so they always have access to safe, fresh fruits and vegetables.
My company, Solutions from Science, has multiple products selling in this market niche, including products like the Survival Seed Bank.(

This product provides customers with a reliable source of non-hybrid, non-germinated seeds. Unlike the seeds from big seed companies that have been genetically modified NOT to reproduce, our seeds will produce year after year. These heirloom seeds enable our customers to produce a full acre crisis garden…a lifetime of food for a family.

Once our clients have planted their garden, they’re going to want to know how to properly store their food by drying or canning…so Solutions from Science has produced an extraordinary DVD set and accompanying manual which will take the beginner step by step through the process of preparing and canning food, so they can properly preserve and store their home-grown food.

Emergency Preparedness Goes Beyond Planting a Garden
Or Learning How To Properly Can Food!

If a natural disaster (like Katrina), a breakdown in the nation’s electrical grid (such as the one which led to the Northeast Blackout of 2003), or a terrorist attack leaves your home or business in the dark, you’ll be scrambling to get the power back on.

If the lights stay off for more than just a few minutes, you’ll want to have a backup power system, something that can power many household items.

With that in mind, Solutions from Science offers a backup solar generator that produces an endless supply of safe, clean and free energy. ( Just imagine... if the power is off for more than just a few hours, even the gas stations may not be able to pump gas, so a gas-powered generator may leave a household in the dark in no time.

Our product solves this problem, while also providing a safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution to what could be a huge problem for millions of American households.

Moving Beyond Survival And Preparing For
Unprecedented Cultural And Political Changes

Solutions from Science also offers digital and hardcopy publications which appeal to this enormous and growing group of consumers by offering educational solutions to their problems. You don’t have to think the end of the world is near to see how this market is exploding!

Headlines continue to report that demand for firearms and ammunition is at an all-time high as people who are worried about future restrictions on gun sales race to beat the expected litigation. Others are buying for fear that rising crime rates and the relocation of terrorist prisoners could unleash a crime spree unlike anything witnessed before in the US.

With this surge in demand comes higher prices for firearms and ammunition, meaning these weapons have become as valuable as precious metals. We publish a book which helps gun owners understand this environment and how they can and should discreetly and effectively store and secure their weapons so they are not easily confiscated by street gangs or other criminal scum.

Other consumers are worried about increasing restrictions on civil liberties, and so we have published a book which explains the history of Martial Law in the United States and how federal troops have been used on dozens of other occasions without a declaration of Martial Law. This publication helps consumers understand their rights and act within the law to prepare for this possibility.

This Is The Worst Economy In Generations...
And The Evidence Indicates it May Get Much Worse

That’s why we’ve developed products and sites that have an almost inverse relationship to the current economy. We also have radio and TV schedules to support our campaigns. Below are a few of our more popular sites which seem to have massive affiliate appeal in a declining economy:

After January 1st, 2009

We will be adding:

To our
affiliate program!

I’ve shared with you a few of the products we’ve already developed and are selling every day. We also have an entire team devoted to identifying trends within the emergency preparedness niche and sourcing products and solutions to sell to this hungry crowd of consumers.

I’ve known very intelligent, hard working men who have failed at one business after another because the timing wasn’t right. Well, I can tell you that for the emergency preparedness industry and entrepreneurs who want to make money during a recession, the time has never been better. Demand is high and growing, and there are a limited number of vendors who have an insight into the marketplace and the resources and expertise to deliver.

By partnering with Solutions From Science as an affiliate, you can tap into this exploding market of passionate, affluent and motivated consumers. In addition to earning a great passive income, you’ll have the knowledge that you are providing solutions with real value, not just digital products with questionable worth.

It doesn’t matter whether you share the same world view as these customers or not... but you’d be a fool to ignore the birth of a massive new industry right before our eyes!

And the worse things get, the better you’ll do, because many consumers are just now becoming aware of their dependence on a way of life which may be gone forever and which will require a dramatic process of education and preparation. The economic meltdown that began last fall continues to be a major cultural force and we invite you to join us as we help America prepare itself for what look like a very uncertain future.

For additional details on our generous affiliate plans, visit the preparedness sites listed above or call our office.

All The Best,

Bill Heid
Solutions from Science

P.S. Our affiliate program will not be open indefinitely... we will be working with a limited number of professionals who understand affiliate marketing and are looking to develop a substantial income in this market. Don’t wait around... submit your application for consideration today!

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